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U. S. Flag BARABOO LODGE NO.: 34 F. & A. M. Wisconsin State Flag

Please join the Officers and Members of the Baraboo Masonic Lodge
in celebrating the 150th Anniversary of our Charter!

Worshipful Master’s Message

As we embark on a year of reflection in celebrating our Lodge’s 150th anniversary may we be enriched by learning the history of our Lodge. May the legacy of the past assist us in creating a clear vision for our brotherhood as we embrace the future of our Lodge.

From its inception Freemasonry has taught men to treat others with respect and dignity. It asks men to place their trust in God and love their country. It encourages them to value the Brotherhood of Man and to seek the best in themselves. Simply put — it makes good men better.

By emphasizing the ideals of equality, responsibility, and charity Freemasonry advocates the importance of education in freeing mankind from prejudice, superstition and social injustice. Freemasonry has enlightened its membership regarding honor and duty. Undoubtedly it has made the world, and more especially our community, a better place.

Today Freemasonry continues its vigilance toward those same tenets. Each time our Lodge initiates a new brother, Masonic lessons and values, accompanied by all due signs and ceremonies, are repeated. All participants and attendees are reminded of those virtuously timeless messages.

This year the officers of Baraboo Lodge No. 34 F. & A. M. would like to focus our energies on the following:

* Celebrate and discover the history of our Lodge
* Increase our Lodge’s membership by conferring degrees
* Energize membership participation through committee work
* Provide meaningful leadership responsibilities for brothers
* Promote Masonic charity, education and landmarks of members
* Increase community awareness of Masonic activities

May our Lodge’s 150th Anniversary help us to reflect and revere the achievements, dedication, and sacrifices of those Masonic brothers who came before us. May this observance inspire, regenerate and ignite our Masonic spirit of brotherly service and love in the present. Ultimately may our programs, projects, and activities motivate and compel us to nurture a vibrant and rewarding future for ourselves, for our Lodge and for our fellow man.

              Fraternally Yours,

              Steve Emerson
              Worshipful Master 2002
              Baraboo Lodge # 34 F. & A. M.

Brief Lodge History

By Robert Dewell

Other than one or two local churches, Baraboo Lodge # 34, F. & A. M., is probably the oldest organization in Baraboo. The Lodge received its dispensation in 1851, and was chartered on June 8, 1852 with Col. James Maxwell serving as its first Master. In 2002 we will celebrate 150 years of Masonry in the Baraboo Area.

This is an enviable record of achievement for an organization, for the Lodge in its day survived the Civil war, when so many local men were called or volunteered to military service. The Lodge was strengthened with the arrival of the railroad in 1871, many railroad men being Masons, and also by the fabled Ringling Brothers, who at one meeting in April of 1891, occupied the six principal officers’ chairs.

The Lodge first met in the Stanley building at 119 Third Avenue. Later a fine building was dedicated on the NW corner of Oak and Second Avenue on April 27, 1892. It burned on Feb. 2, 1957, and on December 12, 1959 the present temple was dedicated.

The Lodge remains strong and steadfast, but as always, additional participation by the brothers strengthens the Brotherhood of Masonry.

General Information

Baraboo Lodge # 34 F. & A. M.
District: Number 8
Area: Number 2
Annual dues: $ 28
Initiation Fee: $ 65

    2002 Officers

      Steve Emerson, Worshipful Master

      Don Wolterstorff, P.M., Secretary

      Skip Blake, P.M., Treasurer

      Larry, Zink, Senior Warden

      Reginald Haskins III, Junior Warden

      Terry Spencer, Senior Deacon

      Roger Dippel, Junior Deacon

      Gene Pfiel, Senior Steward

      Manny Bolz, Junior Steward

      Jack Young, Chaplain

      Bruce Wimann, Counselor

      Siegfreid Mueller, Tiler

      Jeff Roy, Organist

      Terry Blake, P.M., Trustee

      John Gaedke, P.M., Trustee

      Robert Gaedke, Trustee

      Marty Blake, P.M., Trustee

      George Mork, Trustee

      Manny Bolz, Trustee

      Terry Spencer, Trustee

      Bruce Wimann, Trustee

Projects for 2002

Re-Establish a DeMolay.
Continue to build an active Job’s Daughters.
Provide an opportunity to participate in a Beaver Lodge.
Holiday Christmas Party for Sauk County Foster Children.
Publicize Freemasonry at Sauk County Fair.

    Values of Freemasonry

    Brotherly Love
    Truth & Honor
    Belief in God
    Love of country
    Civic duty and moral responsibility

Purpose of Lodge

Promote Charity
Educate the members
Promote the landmarks
Confer symbolic degrees
Maintain harmony among men
Support the values of Freemasonry

2002 Masonic Calendar & 2002 Tentative Program Schedule

January 2, 2002 Year in Preview. The officers assume their new office. The worshipful master will provide an overview of the program events for the year and review Committee assignments.

January 16, 2002 Denman Kramer/ Flag Ceremony. With patriotism rising since the New York bombing, a revisit of the Masonic flag ceremony seems most appropriate. This will be followed by past Grand Master Denman Kramer reminiscing about his recollections with the Baraboo Lodge #34 and the Grand Lodge of Wisconsin.

*January 19, 2002 Grand Master’s District 8 Visit. This is a Saturday. Lunch at Noon. Meeting at 1:00 PM Grand Master Hein will lead an open meeting- Find out about the plans and vision for us and for our Grand Lodge.

*February 2, 2002 Man to Mason. Our Area’s event in Madison. This is a Saturday. For some this may be the best method of joining our fraternity. Let’s send some new members.

February 6, 2002 New Member Night. This is the night to bring prospects into the Light of Masonry. A short history of Masonry, our Lodge and why Masonry. If our Lodge is to grow and thrive, it does so one man at a time. Please do your part.

*February 18, 2002 School of Instruction at Sauk Prairie-7:00 PM. All are welcome. You do not need to be part of a degree team to learn about the Entered Apprentice Degree. This is also an opportunity to meet fellow area Masons.

February 20, 2002 Lady’s & Widow’s Night/ Dinner. Bring your own lady and let us thank and honor her. Widows of deceased brothers are also welcome. This guarantees to be a great event. (RSVP)

March 6, 2002 Rusty Nail. Have the lights of your Masonic life gone dim? Forgotten much of the symbolism, allegory grips, and passes of a Mason? This night is for you. Brother Skip Blake will lead us through a refresher of the Fraternal information that is so easily forgotten if not used.

*March 7, 2002 School of Instruction at Reedsburg. 7:00 PM All are welcome to this Area meeting to increase our skills in the Fellowcraft degree. Continue seeking light by making an effort to attend this class.

March 20, 2002 Rehearsal. Our Lodge is part of the area travelling Masonic School called “School of Instruction.” On April 3rd, we will demonstrate the Master Mason Open and Master Mason 1st Section.

March 23, 2002 Relation to Mason Degree Day. Our Lodge will focus on making a Masonic Intergenerational connection. Designed for fathers, sons, son-in-laws, and brothers to join our fraternity, this Saturday event will raise 9 Masons by the end of the day without sacrificing participation.

April 3, 2002 School of Instruction at our Lodge. Demonstrating the Master Mason Meeting Open and Master Mason 1st Section is our lodge’s assignment. Please assist our Lodge as the School of Instruction finalizes its season in Baraboo.

April 17, 2002 150th Anniversary Table Lodge. Celebrate our 150th Anniversary as a brother. A table lodge to be remembered for years. James Olson the Deputy Grand Master will be the guest speaker. (RSVP)

May 1, 2002 Entered Apprentice Degree. Degree work. Designed to help our membership grow. Hopefully two candidates will be inducted.

May 15, 2002 Fellow Craft Degree. Degree work continues to the next level. Help by getting involved. Your active participation in a degree can make a big difference.

June 5, 2002 Master Mason Degree. Degree work for the final degree demands a lot of people. Even if you can’t help, come and watch on the sideline.

June 19, 2002 Masonic Family Night Living in a tourist area is at times a disadvantage. When was the last time you and/or your family took a steam train ride? Come join us in North Freedom for a family train ride followed by ice cream. (RSVP)

July 3, 2002 Dark. No Lodge. Celebrate the Independence of our country with your family. Many of our founding fathers were Masonic brothers including George Washington and Benjamin Franklin. Mention to afriend their contribution and affiliation with the fraternity.

*July 11-14, 2002 Sauk County Fair. Volunteers are needed to greet visiting brothers and prospects at the fair. We will set up a booth with our surrounding Lodges.

July 17, 2002 Open Air Lodge A truly historic night. An open air meeting conducted in the true manner of early Masonic lodges. Held in the North Freedom bluffs at Past Master Bob Kaschel’s home. A reobligation of the our Masonic pledge could be a special memory for all in attendance.

August 7, 2002 Dark No Lodge

August 21, 2002 Travelling Mason’s Night. Some of our brothers head south before the snow flies. Tonight they will tell us of their winter lodges in the “warmth of the sun.”

September 4, 2002 Business Meeting. All organizations need to review their progress and check on the work yet to be done. Officers and committees will provide progress of their work to date.

September 18, 2002 Masonic Bodies Open Meeting. There are many other Masonic bodies in which our brothers participate. Yet many know little of their missions, goals, or activities. Join us for dessert as the Scottish Rite, York Rite, Eastern Star, and Shrine educate us about their organizations. (RSVP)

October 2, 2002 New Member Night. This is the night to bring prospects to Masonry. A short history of Masonry, our Lodge and why Masonry. If our Lodge is to grow and flourish, it does so one man at a time. Please do your part.

October 16, 2002 Past Master’s Table Lodge. This table lodge will honor the Past Masters who have led us in the East through the past 150 years. Listen to stories from our early years as well as stories from living Past Master’s of their years of Masonry. Al Paschen, Past Living Master, from 19 years back is MC. (RSVP)

November 6, 2002 Recognition Night. Join us in showing our thanks and appreciation to brothers who have served our lodge over the years and in so many ways. This is also an opportunity to hear more history of the Lodge.

*November 9, 2002 Degree Day. A Saturday focusing on raising 9 brothers in one day. If our Lodge is to grown we need to help and assistance both in recruiting and assisting as a part of a degree team. You receive what you give ! Start lining up brothers now.

November 20, 2002 Lodge cancelled. Thanksgiving eve. Time to spend with family.

December 4, 2002 Election of Officers for 2003. Make your voice known and be part of the election process. This is the meeting to assist in establishing the course of the Lodge’s future.

December 18, 2002 Installation of Officers for 2003 and

Holiday Party. This dignified ritual is most impressive and usually well attended. An Open Meeting designed to view the Craft grow in experience and leadership.

* * *
Note: This schedule is tentative. Situations and events will require change. This hopefully will serve as a guide for our year of celebration. * * *

Other Baraboo Area Masonic Bodies

Lodge Board of Trustee’s will meet on the second Lodge meeting of the month at 6:30 PM in the Lodge Basement (prior to a Lodge Meeting) unless otherwise scheduled.

Order of the Eastern Star meets 2nd and 4th Thursday.

York Rite meets 2nd Tuesday of the month at 7:30 PM.

Vacationland Shrine meets on the 2nd Tuesday of the month

Job’s Daughter’s meets 2nd and 4th Sunday of each month at 4:00 PM (Social) and 5:00 PM Meeting.

DeMolay to be determined